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A Warm Welcome

You will always feel welcome at our meetings and services. People will make sure to say hello and there will be opportunities to talk before and after our meetings and enjoy meals in the homes of our members. We have come to know the joy of the Lord through our faith in Jesus Christ and the peace that comes from His Spirit. We want you to know the same joy and happiness in Father, Son and Spirit; our joy is to see your joy.

Joy and Reverence

We serve the living God. As when approaching any dignitary there is a right sense of respect, care and excitement - how much more so with the transcendent, infinite and almighty God? As such, we will approach God and His Word in our meetings with reverence and joy. Ours is not a servile fear, but a delight in the deep things of the unsearchable God.

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Fellowship is the communication to one another of the good things the Lord has given His people. God works through our sharing to build up and encourage the body of Christ. We fellowship in our worship, our prayer, and in our time together. We will talk about God’s faithfulness in our lives, the things He has taught us in His Word; we will open up our homes for hospitality, and we will share our time and energy to serve one another.


We care about you. We will take seriously your needs, concerns, and burdens and seek to help you as best we can. Our care is extended through the teaching and preaching ministry of the church, through home visitation by our minister, and through the self-sacrificial service of our members. We love because Christ has first loved us; He did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life a ransom for many.