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Westminster Assembly

Ordained men from throughout the United Kingdom met by act of Parliament between 1643 and 1653. By 1648 Parliament had approved the Westminster Confession of Faith with some minor amendments. The document was designed as a lowest common denominator that could be confessed by churches throughout the kingdom outlining the basic doctrines of historic and orthodox Christianity. The documents produced marked a high point in theological and pastoral reflection and beautifully outline the tenets of the faith. 

The Confession

Whilst not required for members, the ministers and elders of our denomination subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith together with the larger and shorter catechisms. We have sworn to promote, teach, and defend these summary statements as the subordinate standards of the church. Our sole authority in matters of life and doctrine is the Word of God. The Confession serves as an excellent summary of the basic system of truth revealed in the Scriptures. 

You can view an online version of the Confession here.


Larger and Shorter Catechisms

The Larger and Shorter Catechisms serve as an excellent exposition of the Confession, further showing the mind of the original architects. They also contain an extremely helpful explanation of the law of God, the Gospel, the work of Christ, and the Lord’s Prayer.

A link to the Larger and Shorter Catechisms can be found by clicking here: Larger, and Shorter.

Family Worship

We worship with our little ones every day in the home. God desire us be a worshipping people every day of the week, although Sunday is the highlight of our worship. The Shorter Catechism is an excellent aid alongside the Scriptures to me and my family as we seek to memorise key truths about God and His work of salvation. I hope it will be a blessing to your family too.