Church Midweek

Our study meets every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm, 10 North Grove, Roker, SR6 9PJ. Nathan leads a study in the Scriptures. This includes reading the Bible, examining a portion of text, explaining its meaning, and then finding meaningful and natural applications that speak to us. After studying the Word, we take a series of prayer requests and then have a short time of prayer. There is no obligation to pray out loud. After praying we sing a hymn or psalm together. We then enjoy tea, biscuits, and conversation. We are seeking to develop love for one another and a real sense of community in the group. Our current book of study is Acts. Please read on to understand why we are studying this book.

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Acts of the Apostles: The Architecture of the Church

How should the Church be organised, how does it grow, and what does it do? It is to these questions that God has spoken in the Acts of the Apostles. Acts serves as a blueprint for the life of the Church. The book of Acts continues the history of Jesus Christ following His ascension into the heavens. It begins with the promised outpouring of the Spirit of God. What follows is a detailed account of how the Church functions and grows as the ongoing life of Jesus operates through its members by the Spirit. What emerges is a model of church growth that is connected, Spirit-filled, and dependent on the Lord for all of its needs. As such the apostles and disciples rely upon the regular means of: reading, teaching, and preaching the Bible; praying together; sharing in the sacraments; and fellowshipping (Acts 2:42). It is through these means that the Spirit applied Christ to the disciples and to those being saved. Structurally the church functions through the appointing of elders and deacons in each local gathering of Christians. The elders then meet in a council such as the ones described in Antioch or Jerusalem — these we call presbyteries because they are made up of elders or presbyters who meet to care for the Church. As a new church plant we desire to have our plans and work shaped by God and His plans for the Church. It is for this reason that we have begun in Acts.